Legalization, Attestation & Apostille

Getting documents attested can be a time consuming and strenuous task for anyone. But at Caring India, we can save you all the hassle of this tedious process. We provide certificate verification and apostille service by applying to the relevant departments and getting their documents valid and verified. The team that looks after India has a team that is highly experienced and knows who needs to be knocked on to complete your work.

Attestation from State Home Department

World overseas immigration will get your documents attested and legalized by the State Home Department. We will submit the original certificate (educational documents issued in India) and all supporting documents to the General Administrative Department (GAD) or the Home Department of the state where the certificate was issued.

Attestation from SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate)

World overseas immigration will get your documents attested and legalized by the relevant Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM). We will submit the original certificate (non-academic documents issued in India) and all supporting documents to the SDM department of the state from where the certificate was issued.

Apostille/Attestation from MEA (Ministry of External Affairs)

Only those documents will be accepted or apostilled by the Ministry of External Affairs of the Ministry of External Affairs of Patiala House,New Delhi which adheres to the rules of attesting Documents (Ministry of External Affairs) by the authorized Under Secretary of State Home Department or similar departments of the authority approved by the Ministry of External Affairs.

Attestation/Legalization from Embassy

In the case of countries that have not signed the 1961 Hague Convention Treaty and do not recognize Apostille, they should attest and legitimize the foreign public document by a consular officer in the country which has issued the document. After verification of documents from MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), the required documents should be submitted to the Consulate or Embassy for verification or validity.


Notary services by CTI are available PAN India. The candidate needs to submit all the required documents with photographs to the officials of World overseas immigration. The officials will start the notarization verification process.

Attestation & Legalization of Documents

We provide expedited legalization services to certify documents from the Embassy of   Canada, Australia, Germany, Hong-Kong, Etc.

A professional company specializing in worldwide prompt certification documents for international use.

For 16 years we have been specialized in Apostille and Embassy Legalization.

Sending documents internationally can be a painful and time-consuming process and therefore would be a waste of money if not done properly. It is important for an experienced professional to hand over their documents for apostille or legalization.

Documents Verification and Approval Certificate Apostille:

The legalization of a document or certificate of approval (Apostille) is required for official documents issued in one country to be valid in another country.

Legalization of the document – Verification of the signature, status of the signed person and seal in the document.

The document is legalized by the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry and diplomatic embassies or consular posts.

Document Approval Certificate (Apostille) – October 5, 1961 (.in.), 1997, no. 5 contains the signature, the status of the signed person, and the verification of the stamp in the document provided by the Hague Convention regarding documents issued in foreign countries ending foreignization. 68–1699).

The certificate of approval of the document (Apostille) is carried out by the Republic of Lithuania.

pay attention. Individuals residing in foreign countries can submit an application for a Certificate of Approval (Apostille) to the diplomatic embassies or consular posts of Lithuania. This applies to documents issued by institutions in the Republic of Lithuania.

These official documents can be legally certified or approved (Apostille):

  • Issued by governmental or municipal institutions or authorities, by a prosecutor, court officer or person performing a court ruling;
  • Administrative documents;
  • Notary acts;
  • Official confirmation of documents signed by a natural person;
  • Notary tapes of official documents.

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