Luxembourg Tourist Visa

Luxembourg Tourist / Visitor Visa

Documents Required for Luxembourg Tourist / Visitor Visa

1. Application form duly filled, dated and signed by the applicant.

2. Two recent passport size photographs in colour on white background. One photo should be pasted (not stapled) on the form and the other photo to be given along with the application.

3. National passport valid for at least 3 months beyond the date of return and with at least 2 blank pages available + 1 copy of the data page of the passport.

4. Proof of accommodation (confirmed hotel booking).

5. Complete travel program including itinerary, dates and places to be visited.

6. A copy of the confirmed return ticket to India or the confirmation of the reservation.

7. Covering letter on a business letterhead (original) from your employer/company/school stating your position, the length of your service and the confirmation that the adequate leave/vacation has been granted.

8. Proof of sufficient financial means to cover all expenses during your stay such as:

  • Salary/Pension slips of the last three months.
  • Status of personal bank account for the last three months in letter from your bank, including the name and signature of the bank manager (original).
  • Letter from your bank (original) stating credit limit on your credit card.
  • Income Tax return for at least 2 years (Proof of paid Income tax)

9. Overseas medical travel insurance valid for all Schengen countries for the whole duration of your stay with a minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros

10. Minors under the age of 18 if traveling alone have to provide a written consent certified by public notary of both parents or guardians having the custody of the minor. If traveling with one parent only, a written consent certified by public notary of the other parent or guardian is required.

Above all Documents Required for Luxembourg Tourist visa from india

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