Ontario PNP Points Calculator 2023

Ontario PNP Program

Ontario is one of the most populous provinces in Canada. Approximately 40% of the country’s population lives in this state, making it a prime destination not just for immigration but for travel. Now, with the establishment of the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program, it has become easier than ever to move to this province. They have designed the OINP to target skilled workers and thus gives priority to professionals and individuals with proven skills and work experience who can immediately become a positively contributing force within the local economy and the national economy. If you want to know how to apply Ontario PNP one just have to check his Eligibility for Ontario PNP with the help of Ontario PNP points Calculator and/or contact us.


OINP Points Calculator 2023

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OINP Points System 2023

To know the Eligibility for Ontario PNP  of the profiles of different candidates for Ontario Province Nominee Program, we know the need to check their point. To determine the most deserving, the OINP ( Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program) assigns points to each profile and when the invitations opens the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program selects the highest-ranked profiles for notification of interest. 

We summarize the points system below:

  • Age (maximum 12 points).
  • Arranged employment (maximum 10 points).
  • Adaptability (maximum 10 points).
  • Education (maximum 25 points).
  • English and French language ability (maximum 28 points).
  • Work Experience (maximum 15 points).

The following is how OINP grades the factors mentioned above as per the Express Entry system:

Factor 1: Age (Maximum 12 points)

[table id=267 /]

Factor 2: Language (Maximum 28 points)

First Official Language (Maximum 24 points)

[table id=268 /]

Second Official Language (Maximum 4 points)

[table id=269 /]

Factor 3: Education Points (Maximum 25 points)

[table id=270 /]

Factor 4: Work Experience (Maximum 15 points)

[table id=271 /]

Factor 5: Arranged Employment (Maximum 10 points)

Factor 6: Adaptability (Maximum 10 points)

The following is how all the above mentioned factors are graded as per Express Entry system by the OINP:

[table id=272 /][table id=273 /]

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