Australia Skilled Worker Visa

Australia is a multi-cultural country that welcomes all nations, backgrounds and religions. But there are many interesting facts about Australia that you may not know of. There are many beautiful lakes in Australia with Lake Eyre in South Australia covering a surface area of 9500 square kilometres, when the lake is full it is the largest lake in Australia. Another lake that attracts many visitors is Lake St Clair in Tasmania. Lake St Clair is the deepest lake in Australia that covers an area of 430 square metres and forms part of Cradle Mountain. Lake Argyle is the largest artificial lake which covers a surface area of 1000 square kilometres. Located in Western Australia near Kununurra the primary inflow of Lake Argyle comes from the Ord River. Lake Argyle is very beautiful, and a cruise is a great way to experience the lake.

Australia is a multi-cultural, ethnic country. It already has many Indian people living in various parts of the country. Yet, every year, lakhs of aspirants from India submit applications to immigrate to Australia. Besides, one should not forget that Australia Immigration Department loves perfection. The country is well developed and accuracy and professionalism is highly valued there in. The country and its government love those who are perfect and can play a good role in the further growth of the nation.

Australia Skilled Worker Visa from India

Australia skilled worker migration process is becoming complex day by day. The current rules are constantly being updated in line with Australian policy requirements, and new rules are being introduced, so application processes can quickly become confusing.

World overseas immigration recommendations on how eligibility is assessed at a basic level for Australian Skill Select visa. However, to maximise your chances of a successful application, obtain a personalised eligibility assessment from immigration consultancy

How to get Australia PR visa from India?

  • Australian Skilled worker visa is migration scheme is an “invitation only” program – meaning that you must be invited by the Department of Home Affairs (former DIBP) before you can apply for a Australia PR visa.
  • The first step is to register your interest by submitting an expression of interest (EOI). Part of that EOI requires you to calculate how many points you may be entitled to on the Skill Select point scoring system.
  • Although you are not required to provide any evidence supporting your self-assessed point score at the EOI stage, if you get an invitation to apply, you will need to provide the documents to support your EOI points claim. Candidate has to apply within 60 days after ITA (Invitation to apply) and candidate need to demonstrate that at the time of application, you meet all the visa criteria, as well as meeting your EOI points score.

Therefore, if you do get an invitation to apply, but are unable to obtain all the required evidence within 60 days, you will either run out of time and miss your opportunity to apply, or you will submit an application which will fail because of the lack of evidence.

As you can see, this means it is essential to get the entire case prepared prior to the EOI process. The first step in preparing your Australian Skilled Visa Eligibility would be to nominate a suitable skilled occupation and calculate your points score.

Australia skilled worker visa step by step process

Determining your eligibility based on the below:

Step1–Determination of occupation–The first thing is to see whether the occupation belongs to the Skilled occupation list or not. Your occupation needs to be on the Regional Occupation List (ROL), Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), or the Medium and Long-Term Strategic immigration agent sydneymovekills List (MLTSSL).

Step2–Calculate your points–Once the occupation is determined from the occupation list, Applicant need to calculate his points. Australian Skilled Visa Eligibility points score is determined according to various criteria including:

  1. Age
  2. Work experience
  3. Educational qualifications
  4. Qualification
  5. Language ability
  6. Miscellaneous factor 

Age – Your age is counted from the day you receive your invitation to apply for a visa, and not at the time of EOI. You will receive a score between 0 to 30. That age range is calculated:

  • 18—24 =25 points
  • 25–32 =30 points
  • 33–39 =25 points
  • 40–44 =15 points
  • 45 and over = not eligible for a Skill worker Visa

So, for example, If you are 39 years old and entitled to 25 points when you submit your EOI, but only receive your invitation to apply after turning 40 years old, you will score only 15 points.

English skills – Language test section result in the award of up to 20 points for superior English skills. You may otherwise be awarded 10 points for proficient English, or zero points for competent English skills. If you are a citizen of Canada, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom or the United States, you will be assumed to have competent English skills. You can show your English skills by participating in IELTS or OET tests. Competent English is defined as obtaining an IELTS score of six in each of the four bands; or an OET score of at least B in each of the four components; or 12 for listening, 13 for reading, 21 for writing and 18 for speaking, in a Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based test (TOEFL).

A ranking of Proficient English requires an IELTS score of seven in each of the four bands; or an OET score of at least B in each of the four components; or 24 for listening, 24 for reading, 27 for writing and 23 for speaking, in a Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based test (TOEFL).

Superior English requires an IELTS score of eight in each of the four bands; or an OET score of A in each of the four components; or 28 for listening, 29 for reading, 30 for writing and 26 for speaking, in a Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based test (TOEFL).

Refer here for the summary of scores for all English tests (including PTE). All English test scores are valid for a period of 3 years prior to the submission of the Skilled Visa application.

Work experience – This section accounts for up to 20 points on the skills assessment. Work experience gained both inside and outside Australia is assessed, as long as it is relevant to your nominated occupation. So if you are seeking to gain entry as an engineer, your work experience as a bartender will not be counted. Your work experience must have been obtained within the ten years immediately prior to your invitation to apply, and must have been undertaken for at least 20 hours per week. Your work experience will need to be assessed and recognised by a relevant Skills Assessment body.Points will be awarded:

Work within Australia

  • 1 to 2 years–5 points
  • 3 to 4 years–10 points
  • 5 to 7 years–15 points
  • 8 to 10 years–20 points

Work outside Australia

  • 3 to 4 years–5 points
  • 5 to 7 years–10 points
  • 8 to 10 years–15 points
  • 8 to 10 years–15 points

Education – In this section, an applicant can achieve maximum 20 points can be awarded for your educational qualifications. That qualification must meet the requisite Australian standard, as determined by a relevant Skills Assessment body.

Points are assessed:

  • Diploma or trade qualification–10 points
  • Bachelor degree–15 points
  • Doctorate–20 points

Specialist Education Qualification – A further 5 points can be obtained if  the candidate has Master’s degree by research or a Doctorate degree from an Australian educational institution which included at least two academic years in the following fields:

  • biological sciences
  • chemical sciences
  • earth sciences
  • mathematical sciences
  • natural and physical sciences
  • other natural and physical sciences
  • physics and astronomy
  • computer science
  • information systems
  • information technology
  • other information technology
  • aerospace engineering and technology
  • civil engineering
  • electrical and electronic engineering and technology
  • engineering and related technologies
  • geomatics engineering
  • manufacturing engineering and technology
  • maritime engineering and technology
  • mechanical and industrial engineering and technology
  • other engineering and related technologies
  • process and resources engineering

Australian study – In addition, 5 points may be gained if you have studied and achieved at least one degree, diploma or trade qualification from an approved Australian educational institution.

The Australian study undertaken must meet the Australian Study Requirement.

In brief;

  • The course must be registered in CRICOS.
  • The study must have taken place over at least 16 calendar months.
  • The course must have required at least 2 academic years / 92 weeks of study to complete.
  • The study must have taken place in English and within Australia.
  • Failed courses or course exemptions will not be taken into account.

An additional five points may be available if those studies took place in regional Australia or a low population area.

Miscellaneous Factors

Community Language Skills

You may claim up to five further points if you have accreditation by a National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters in a Credential community Language.

Partner Skills Qualification – If your application includes your partner and he/she meets the criteria for the visa application and having an occupation which falls within the same Skill list as yours, you may claim a further five points.

Professional year courses in Australia – if you completed a professional year-long course in Australia within four years of your invitation to apply, you can claim five points.

Eligible courses include those through:

  • The Australian Computer Society.
  • CPA Australia.
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia.
  • The Institute of Public Accountants (formerly National Institute of Accountants).
  • Engineers Australia.

Additional Criteria

Nomination by a state, or family sponsorship

This category only applies for applicants seeking a subclass 190 (skilled nominated) or a subclass 489 (skilled regional) visa. If you are nominated by a state or territory, you may be able to claim up to five points on the skills test. If you are sponsored by an eligible family to live and work in a designed regional area, you may be entitled to up to 10 points. Further criteria will apply depending on the Nominating State.

Benefits of PR visa Australia

  1. Immigration/Permanent Resident Visa Consultant in Delhi
  2. Immediate Opportunity for Australia!!!!
  3.  Permanent work & Resident Visa under Skilled Worker Immigration for Australia.
  4. Skilled Worker immigration Visa grants you the permission to live and work lawfully anywhere in the country. You get Australia Permanent Residency on the basis of your education, work experience and various other factors.
  5. Under Australia Permanent Resident visa you are eligible to avail all the social welfare benefits offered by your destination country.
  6. Under Australia PR Visa for Entire Family; Primary Applicant +Spouse+Dependant+ Children
  7. Once you get Australia PR visa Free Medical Coverage with word-class health care for Entire Family.
  8.  Free education up to grade 13 (grade 12 in some provinces) and University / college education is highly subsidized for Australian citizens & landed immigrants.
  9. A person who has worked for a minimum of 20 weeks and thereafter gets unemployed, is entitled to 60% of the last wages drawn under the Unemployment Insurance Coverage.
  10. When person trying for a job but cannot find one and cannot support himself, is entitled to a Welfare Allowance from the government
  11.  Australia offers a Pension Plan (Retirement Pension) to people at least 60 years old who have contributed to Australia Pension Plan.
  12. Childcare Facility to low and middle-class families for the costs of their childcare through a tax credit system. Otherwise most childcare organizations are privately run and paid by parents. Many urban and semi-urban locales in Australia comprise people from a range of ethnicities and cultures, making the country a smelting pot of traditions and practices.
  13. You can give the best life-style to your loved one’s by obtaining the Permanent Residency.
  14. A child born in Australia becomes Citizen by birth and can enjoy all the benefits of education and health.
  15. Australia PR status holder can call and sponsor their relatives to Australia.

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Eligibility Criteria:

  • All applicants must be below 45 years of age if they are skilled or sponsored workers.
  • They must have a healthy disposition and good character as evidenced by a relevant character certificate.
  • They must have a sufficient IELTS score.
  • They must select an occupation to apply from the Australian SOL/CSOL
  • They must score above the clearance grade of 60 points on the basis of key profile factors such as age, education, English proficiency, work experience among others.
  • They must have their skills assessed by a designated Skill Assessment Authority
  • They must submit an Expression of Interest to the Australian Immigration Authority online.
  • They must have a nomination from an Australian state or territory if they are applying through sponsored or nominated visa categories.

Documents Required for Skilled worker visa Australia:

  • Skill Assessment Proof.
  • Age Proof.
  • Passport.
  • IELTS report.
  • Employment Reference Letters.
  • Partner’s IELTS report, work experience letters and marriage certificate (if applicable).

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Australia Visa

Australia immigration

There different – different possibilities and subclasses under which a applicant can move to Australia. Below is the type of subclasses:

  1. Australia Skilled Independent Immigration Visa Subclass189 – This visa is for the candidates whose skills and abilities are in demand in the country. It is a point based visa. And this visa is for those applicants who lack sponsorship from state or territory government or from any relative who live in Australia. It allows the individual to live and work in Australia and enjoys all the facilities like medical, education, social etc and can also apply for the citizenship after spending a Specific time in Homeland.
  2. State Sponsored Visa (Sub Class190)- Sub Class 190 visa program is for those particular candidates who have skills and abilities which are in demand of a particular state or territory of a country as demonstrated by independent states occupation list but they are unable to meet the eligibility criteria required to get a skilled independent visa. This is an invitation based visa.
    It requires 60 points which is calculated on the basis of age qualification experience and an English test.
    This visa allows you to live and work in Australia and can also apply for Australian citizenship after spending a specific time to a particular state.
  3. Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (Sub Class 489)- This Visa is a temporary visa for 4 years for those applicants who are having skills and abilities which are in demand in a specific state or territories of a country as demonstrated by independent states occupation list but they are unable to meet the criteria required to obtain sponsored visa (subclass 190).
    It is an invitation based visa. This visa allows you to live and work in Australia for 4 years can travel number of times the visa is valid.
  4. Australia Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186- Under the permanent Employer Sponsored visa scheme of Australia, Employer Nomination Scheme for Australia is fundamentally meant for those trained employees based in a foreign country, or those qualified temporary residents, who could, at the time of applying, be staying and professionally involved with a job, this Visa is one of the employer sponsored visa subcategories. The applicants may apply for the permit only post they have been proffered nomination from an Australia based recruiter/company.
  5. Australia Business Talent (subclass 132) This visa category has two sub categories the Significant Business History Stream, and the Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream. The first one is meant for the prosperous owners or part owners of a firm who are eager to get hold of a key management role in a completely new or existing business enterprise. The number two is meant for those who have received at least AUD1 million in funding from an Australian venture capital group.

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It is important to obtain advice from a registered migration agent to avoid submitting an invalid application. Order our eligibility assessment to get help on calculating your Australian Skilled Visa Eligibility.