Australia Points System

Australia uses a points system to check the eligibility of a potential immigrant. Below is the points table (Australia PR points Calculator).

New Points system of Australia is effected from 16th November 2019 and it is use to calculate your score for Skilled Migration to Australia.

Minimum points to apply for Australia PR Skill Select 189 (points based) or 190 (State Sponsored Visa) is 65 points in 2024-2024. If you are planning to move to Australia, first thing you need to check your eligibility whether you can apply for Australia PR visa or not. Skilled migration for Australia The chance of invitation varies by each job code and its points Calculator. It is easier to get Australian PR with 80 Minimum points to apply for Australia points based on latest draw. With Master’s degree, good English score and work experience in Australia’s skills list, you can get Australia’s skills list residency within a year. 189 and 190 PR visa do not have any points for family or employer sponsorship. 489 visa has option of sponsorship but it is not a direct PR .

Australia Points Table

1. Age

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2. English language Proficiency

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3. Work experience:

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4. Education

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5. Spouse application

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Australia Points Table Changes:

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Australia Points System Changes

With effect from 16th Nov 2019, the Points System for Australian General Skilled Migration Visas (Subclass 189 visa, Subclass 190 visa and Subclass 491 visa) experienced certain changes. Below are the changes:

    • Specialist education qualification: Candidates with Master’s Degree by research / Doctorate degree from an Australian educational institution, can obtain 10 points now. Earlier, it was 5 points.
    • Partner skills: Candidates having skilled spouse under the age of 45 can acquire two set of points:
      • Spouse Language & Skill Assessment: If you spouse competent is having competent language skills and positive skill assessment along with his/her occupation falling under Skilled Occupation List (SOL), can get 10 points. Earlier, it was 5 points.
      • Spouse language proficiency: If your spouse or de facto partner is having competent language skills, then you can get additional 5 points.
    • Spouse Adaptability: There is two-fold points change in the Spouse Adaptability:
      • If you are single, then you are entitled for additional 10 points. Earlier, there were no points for single applicant.
      • If you have a spouse or de facto partner with either Australian citizenship or Australia permanent residency, then you are entitled for additional 10 points. Earlier, there were no points for Australian Citizen or PR Spouse.
    • State Nomination/Sponsorship: If you obtain nomination by a state/territory or sponsorship by a family member, you can get 15 points. Earlier, it was 10 points. Currently, the 15 points criteria are applicable to Subclass 491 visa and Subclass 190 visa only.

Australia PR Invite Chances

EOI Points Current Australia PR Time
80 Points 1-2 months
75 Points 4-5 months
70 Points 8-10 months for pro-rata, 4-5 months for non-pro-rata
65 Points No realistic chance to invitation

Bonus Ponts*

  • You will gain 5 spouse points if your spouse has competent English score (IELTS 6, 6, 6, 6 or PTE 50 in each).
  • If your spouse has ANZSCO code in same occupation list as you and has positive assessment along with competent English score, you will get 10 points.
  • If you marry an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident, you will get extra 10 bonus points.


  • Police verification is required for all adults (18+), who are part of your PR application, from all countries where they have lived in past 10 years.
  • Health certificate is required.

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