QLD Queensland Skilled Occupations List state has now released its new nomination criteria and the new QSOL for the migration program 2024-23. Queensland is looking for skilled migrants in occupations that have been identified as being in shortage in Queensland. If you wish to migrate and work in Queensland, you must first obtain a visa. State nominated visas allow you to live and work in Queensland and fall into two categories:

Onshore Applicants

  • Subclass 489 visas – applicant must be living in a regional area of Queensland for 3 months.
  • Must be working full-time in the nominated occupation for Subclass190 visa (for 6 months); and for 489 visa (for 3 months).  Full time work is considered to be 35 hours per week.
  • Applicant must have evidence of ongoing employment for 1 year with a registered Queensland employer.

Offshore Applicants

  • Minimum 2 years of post-qualification work experience in the nominated occupation.
  • Overseas PhD Graduates: If you have job offer (for 12+ months or more) from a Queensland registered business, the work experience requirement may be waived.

Queensland Skilled Occupations List 2024

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Note 1: candidates should have a minimum of 3 years experience (including 6 months working in Queensland); and a job offer for a full time position in their nominated occupation. For regional areas this demand is two years experience (including four months’ work in a regional Queensland location) and a job offer during a full time job position in their nominated occupation.

Note 2: candidates should have 5 years experience post qualification in their nominated occupation and a job offer for a full time position in their nominated occupation. Queensland is seeking specific ICT skills in relevance cyber security, data scientist, data and business analytics and ICT development and design. (The 2017-18 QSOL will place a particular Queensland ceiling of 200 on nominations for ICT occupations across onshore, alumni and offshore programs).

Note 3: candidates should have 3 years experience working in their chosen field and a job offer for a full time position in their nominated occupation.