Australia PR Points Calculator

Australia PR visa Points Calculator

Australia PR eligibility Test is the most sought a destination for a skilled labor force. The immigration process of Australian government is crafted in a way that it targets migrants who possess outstanding skills and technical abilities which will contribute to the Australian economy and aids in growing the same. The Australia PR eligibility Test criteria for skilled workers to migrate to Australia is determined by the SkillSelect system. A SkillSelect system is a point-based under which applicants are awarded points for criteria ranging from age to work experience. Applicants are required to score a minimum of 65 points for them to get a visa

Below are the visa categories for which Australia PR points we extensively use calculator:

How to immigrate to Australia from India

Immigrating to Australia is one of the most desired dreams of every Indian because of its robust economy and best career opportunities in the country. If you are planning to move to Australia make sure you are aware about each and everything about the process of Australia PR. You need to spend 4 years to apply for Australian Citizenship.

Step-by-Step Process for Immigration to Australia

We know Australia for its world class lifestyle and job opportunities. If you are certain about moving to Australia, you must understand its organised immigration system and immigration law.

As the country does not put any discrimination based on race, caste, the immigration process for Australia PR is same for all the aspirants from India.

Step 1 – Occupation Selection: first thing before planning to apply for Australia immigration is to know which occupation you are falling in, whether your profile exist in the occupation list of not. If you are not finding your occupation in the Demand list of Occupation List of Australia. You cannot apply for Australia. So it is very important to select your occupation in the occupation list with the correct NOC code.

Step 2 – Skill Assessment: You need to get your skills assessed from the relevant Australian assessment Authority as per the demand list.

Step 3 – Sponsorship (optional): if you are moving or migrating to Australia under Sponsorship visa, you need to get the sponsorship or nomination certificate from Australian state or territory.

Step 4 –Submit EOI: Candidate need to submit EOI (Expression of interest) to show interest on the skill to Australian authority through skill select. Candidate can do this inside or outside Australia.

Step 5 – Invitation to Apply (ITA)- when your profile is selected from Australia authority and get an invitation to apply from Australia, you can apply for application to Australia for a permanent resident visa. You have to submit your Australia PR application within 60 days (along with the immigration fees). Compete application will be approved by Department of Home Affairs (DOHA)

Australia Points Calculator

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