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USA Immigration

USA Immigration

USA immigration from India

USA is one of the best immigration destinations in the World. So if you are looking for USA immigration, you need to check under which visa you can move. Because there is procedure to immigrate to USA and the applicant has to follow that way. First thing while planning to move to USA is under which visa you can immigrate. All over the world people are applying for USA immigration. There are different types of visas and process steps available for USA immigration. To apply for USA immigration, you need to be sponsored by a U.S citizen relative, US lawful permanent resident or a prospective employer. The Sponsor begins the immigration process by filling a petition for you from India with Citizenship and immigration services (USCIS). You have multiple options to move or to immigrate to USA which is as below.

Family Based Immigration to USA– A USA based citizen can sponsor his/her family to USA by filling a petition on the basis of his documents. Only the below people can be considered as family members for sponsorship visa.

  • Spouse
  • Son or daughter
  • Parent
  • Brother or sister
  • Unmarried son or daughter

Employment based Immigration to USA– An Employer from USA can hire skilled worker people from other countries, so if you have valid job offer letter from USA you can apply for Employment based immigration visa to USA which is called EB visa. There are many types for EB visa lile EB-2 (Employment based), EB-5(Employment investment visa), EB-1 (Employment based permanent residency).

Tourist visa – Tourist visa has been designed for foreign visitors arriving in the country on the temporary basis for the purpose of pleasure, tourism, visiting children, family and friends attending special events, marriages, or medical treatment.

Intra-company transfer visa – The L-1 program is best suited to larger companies to bring executives, managers, or employees with specialized knowledge from a foreign branch to their U.S. branches. The employee must have been employed abroad in an executive or managerial position, otherwise known as a “qualifying position.”


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