What sort of country is Germany to visit?

The German society is modern and one can make avail of several work and educational opportunities. It has the biggest economy in the world and also happens to be the third largest country globally. It has the best industries and workers and is slowly emerging into a “balanced economy”. Historian and other luminaries simply love visiting Germany on account of its architectural grandeur. Berlin has beautiful galleries and several top-notch restaurants offering delicious German cuisine. There are several eateries that one could simply hang around. The music and art paintings are worth seeing and one would be able to experience medieval culture amidst modernity. German carnival and other music festivals attract people from far and wide. Accordion Sample Description

Can foreign students work in Germany?

Yes, foreign students are allowed to work in Germany without requiring a work permit. On the other hand in case they are not citizens of the European Union and those who belong to the ten newly formed EU member states are allowed to work for only a limited period. They are permitted to take on work for either 90 days or perhaps 180 half-days every specific year without work permit. In many of the Federal States one can only work during summer vacation. The Foreign Office can authorize perhaps an additional number of 10 hours working period per week by seeking approval from the local employment office. Students belonging to EU (except for those from Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech and Slovenia) can as a principle work unrestricted.

Who is eligible for a German student visa?

If the applicant belongs to a country that is outside European Union and wants to study in Germany, then a visa is required. On the other hand students from Japan, Australia, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, USA, Mexico, Honduras, Monaco, as well as San marina are exempted from such a rule.

Can a tourist visa be converted to a student visa?

Germany FAQ:  A student visa cannot be converted into student visa and a tourist cannot study in Germany.

What type of student visas are there in Germany?

There are 3 types of student visas: Language visa- this cannot be converted into student visa and is valid till the duration of the course. A 3-month study applicant visa- This is valid in case you do not yet get admission to Germany university. It has to be converted as quickly as possible into resident permit for student purposes at the foreign office. Visa for study purposes- This is actually valid for about a year. In order to acquire a visa, one has to provide proof of one’s admission to a university and financial support required during the study period.

How can one find a place to stay as student in Germany?

One must approach the student services for flat or room. These student services have their own accommodation facilities and provide value for accommodation for the students. They also have addresses of private landladies and landlords addresses. Many of the Student Services sell service sets to students.

Why go in for medical treatment in Germany?

There are manifold reasons: High quality standards of treatment State of art treatment methods Long waiting lists in one’s home country. Modern equipment and facilities. Competent and reliable medical practitioners. Privacy and anonymity is maintained in the case of cosmetic operation procedures. One can link a vacation or business trip with medical treatment.

Does one need to know German?

Yes. One must have a working knowledge of German in germany.

What is the minimum wage prescribed in Germany?

Germany FAQ: There is no overall minimum wage in Germany that has been defined by law. At the same time, there are certain rules as well as regulations to adhere to by employers. For example, construction companies are much obliged to pay their workers an hourly based minimum wage based upon an agreement between the employer and the unions. The trade unions are quite strong as compared to several other countries.

Any unemployment benefits?

Whether one works or not one is entitled to limited income in germany. In case one works for less, than one will get the remaining amount from the locally based Social amt,( social welfare administration which is actually managed by the county or city government.

What sort of funding arrangements one can expect in Germany?

There are several funding arrangements in germany  that can be availed by scientists doing research. Many organizations tend to promote research and the infrastructure is well set up for conducting research.

Does one need a work permit?

If one gets hold of a residence permit for researchers than one is automatically provided with a work permit.

Will my spouse be permitted to work?

Germany FAQ: Spouses require a work permit to work exceptions being those belonging to EU countries, or from Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein. Spouses of research grants holders, who are keen on taking up employment in Germany have to inform the German consulate before they leave for Germany and apply for the required work permit.

Is it difficult to find a place to live in Germany?

Similar to all places in Europe, it is difficult to find a place to live in Germany. It is better to search for accommodation before one leaves for Germany with one’s family or spouse.