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Saskatchewan PNP Latest Draw

This Saskatchewan PNP latest draw was held on June 13th 2024. The total number of 120 ITAs were awarded to SINP candidates who had at least the 88 points in CRS required.

Date of EOI Draw – June 13, 2024

Number of ITAs issued – 120

Minimum Points required – 88

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program, which was established in 1998, SINP is designed to solve labor market and economic shortages by bringing immigrants into the province.

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program has been a huge success since its beginning which has seen 7 out of the 10 people who are new to Saskatchewan are admitted through the SINP. Canada’s Breadbasket Saskatchewan is also awash with the highest employment rate (73 percent) and even more retention rates (85 percent) of those who have arrived choosing to remain in the province.

Saskatchewan is a favorite destination for immigrants as well as the government of Saskatchewan provides simple and quick immigration routes to work, study and submit applications in for Canada PR. Saskatchewan is in need of skilled professionals as well as entrepreneurs. The province has opened numerous jobs in high demand to help and maintain its economy. Check out this current Occupation Demand In Saskatchewan list 2024 for more information.

If you are looking to move to Saskatchewan There are four choices to pick from:

1. International Skilled Worker Category.

2. Saskatchewan Experience Category.

3. Entrepreneur and Farm Category.

4. International Graduate Entrepreneur Category.

The first step for applying for SINP is to figure out which category you’re qualified for. After you’ve completed this, it’s time to verify your application for the specific category you’ve selected.

In certain situations you may be required to fill out your expression of Interest (EOI). You will receive an amount of points on the Saskatchewan PNP point calculator, based on the answers you’ve given in your Expression of Interest. Candidates who have the highest score are eligible to apply for the SINP in a bi-weekly drawing. 

Saskatchewan PNP Next Draw Prediction 2024

Saskatchewan PNP draws are held on a bi-weekly basis, at an average, with a few exceptions. Government of Saskatchewan doesn’t release this information in advance. Here are the specifics of the latest Saskatchewan PNP draw.

Saskatchewan PNP Draw 2024

CategoryMinimum CRS Score Required Date of Draw # of ITAs Issued
Occupations In-Demand88June 13, 202432
Express Entry88June 13, 202488
Occupations In-Demand89March 7, 202414
Express Entry89March 7, 202421


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