About Manitoba Province of Canada

Economy of Manitoba PNP is a stable economy in which the traditional unemployment rate of people from outside Canada is low. Getting the opportunity to work in Manitoba includes opportunities like a competitive pay, a good benefit package, and established labor rights. The Manidaba PNP aim is to improve its communication for new migrants by clearly outlining both labor market requirements and business investment priorities. Canada Manitoba Province Nomniee Program has formulated a step by step plan to update these priorities on a quarterly basis. Manitoba Province has a low cost of living, good public health care and education system, which provides an opportunity to improve immigrant lifestyles.

Manitoba Province occupation List

Finance, business and administration occupations

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Natural and applied sciences and related occupations

[table id=63 /]

Health occupations

[table id=64 /]

Education, occupations in social science, government service and religion

[table id=65 /]

Culture, Occupations in art, recreation and sport

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Sales and service occupations

[table id=67 /]

Transport, trades and equipment operators and related occupations

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Occupations unique to primary industry

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Manufacturing, occupations unique to processing and utilities

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