Australia Skilled Independent Immigration Visa – Subclass 189

Australia Skilled Independent Immigration Visa enables the holders to immigrate to Australia, in case they have a good proficiency in the English language, employment experience, and also qualifications in a vocation in need in the famous immigration hotspot. The permit employs a points test to choose visa applicants who are in a field of high demand in the national labour market of Australia.

To put it differently, the permit is essentially a point-based permanent permit/visa, even as it is meant for those trained/qualified experts from abroad & tradespersons, who do not have any sponsorship from any of these an Australian recruiter/firm, a territory or state, a family member. The holder of the (Sub-class 189) Immigration Permit is entitled to reside and get professionally involved on a permanent basis anywhere throughout the nation. Significantly, the aspirants for the visa can mention some of their family members in the petitions presented for the visa.

Australia Skilled Independent Immigration Visa (Subclass 189) from India

Australia Immigration Visa (Sub-class 189) is one of the most sought-after visas for skilled workers who want to migrate to Australia permanently. This visa permit is meant for people who have not been sponsored by relatives or employers and have not been nominated by the Australian state or territory government but still want to build a lucrative career in the wealthy country with a market-based economy.

The 189 Visa is offered to the applicants on the basis of a points-based system. If you have the required skills and relevant work experience in an occupation in demand in Australia, are proficient in English, and meet all the other eligibility, immigration to Australia can be a breeze.

With years of experience in providing Australian immigration services, our experts can help you all the way – from setting up your Immi Australia account on SkillSelect to getting your Australian immigration visa. They are qualified and knowledgeable enough to answer all your queries regarding the process that needs to be followed for Australian immigration.

Australia PR Visa 189 is the visa meant to facilitate the trained tradesmen and qualified experts from abroad to migrate to Australia and help the country bridge the skill shortages it is facing at the time. Those who hold this visa can live, work and study in Australia as a permanent resident and can even include your partner, your child, and/or your stepchild in your visa application. If the visa is granted, your family will also be considered the permanent residents of the new country and have the same rights as you do.

Australia skilled worker 189 visa also empowers you to enrol in Medicare – Australia’s scheme for providing health-related care to all its residents as well as travel to and from Australia as many times as you like for five years.

Key Benefits of the visa

  1. Australia skilled worker visa allows you and your family to:
  2. You can live and work in Australia indefinitely under  Australia PR visa.
  3. Candidate can Study full time in Australia at any grade of learning whether it is a school, graduate, postgraduate, or vocational education at domestic scholar rates.
  4. An Australia PR holder  will get subsidized health care facilities
  5. Candidate will get certain social security benefits and payments.
  6. Apply for Australian citizenship after spending 3 years in Australia.
  7. Candidate can sponsor his family member for permanent or temporary residency in Australia.
  8. This popular permit enables the holders and minor aspirants (if any) mentioned in the permit submission to reside as permanent residents in Australia. Since it is basically a permanent residence visa, the holders are entitled to stay in the country for an indefinite period. The permit also makes it possible for the holders to take a trip to and gain admission into Australia, for a period of five years, from the date it is offered.

Australia Skilled Independent (Sub-class 189) Immigration Visa: Key Requirements:

Only those individuals from abroad who possess an invitation from the concerned organization can suitably present a petition. For the objects of the same, it is vital that the candidate:

  • Submits an Australia Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • Possesses a vocation/line-of-work, given on the concerned skilled profession list
  • Satisfies the character & health conditions
  • Is less than 50 years of age when he gets the invite.
  • Possesses a suitable skills assessment for the profession
  • Gets a minimum of 65 test points
  • Satisfies the character & health conditions

It is essential that before the aspirant presents a submission for Australia Skilled Independent (Sub-class 189) Immigration Visa; he submits an Expression of Interest (EOI), through Australia Skill Select. It is crucial that the Australia EOI submission has information regarding positive skills evaluation from the concerned skills assessment group, and also the essential details related to the IELTS Test score.


This visa is available to applicants who are skilled in an occupation on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)


To apply for a Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visa, you must meet a minimum score on a points test. Once the candidate meets the minimum points test, the applicant will need to get a successful migration skills assessment outcome in their chosen occupation from the Australia occupation list. The minimum points required for Australia PR visa 189 is 65 points. The steps required to achieve this will vary depending on the occupation. Your migration agent can assist you with this step as part of the overall visa process. Candidate should be under 45 years of age and meet health, character and English language requirements to apply for Australia skilled worker visa 189.


If you want to apply for Australia skilled worker visa, you need to lodge an Expression of Interest through (EOI) Skill Select and be invited to submit a visa application by the Department of Immigration. Once you are invited to apply, you must lodge your application within 60 days. For this reason, it is very important that you have all required documentation prepared to lodge as soon as possible after receiving the invitation.

What are the steps to immigrate to Australia from India?

Australia immigration process is a legal process that allows the applicants to apply for Australia visa. An ideal application takes around 9 to 12 months for processing. There are 6 steps for Australia immigration 2023 for Indians to follows in 2023:

Step 1: Determination of occupation – once you decide to apply for Australia skilled worker visa 189. You first need to check whether your occupation exist in the Australia occupation list or not. If it does than only you can apply for the Australia skilled worker visa 189.

Step 2: Quality Assessment (QA) – Applicants need to get their educational qualification accredited by the assessing bodies. These assessing bodies varies from the occupation of the applicant, they will determine that the applicant’s educational qualifications and work experience are equivalent to the Australian standards. Once they are successfully assessed, applicant is issued a letter of accreditation. Taking about the fees charged by the assessing bodies, most of them charges around AUD$800.

Step 3: Language Proficiency- Candidate need to have fluency in English language. For this candidates need to take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). IELTS test the candidate’s English knowledge in categories: Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening. Candidates need to score at least 6 per band to meet the minimum requirement for the visa.

Step 4: Submit Expression of Interest (EOI) –On landing the letter of accreditation, candidates need to submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) for applying for the visa with the help of Skill select. Candidate need to get invitation by government to apply for the visa.

Step 5: Invitation to apply (ITA)–after EOI, a candidate will get an invitation from the Australian body regarding the Australia PR visa. And after getting the invitation candidate has to apply for Australia PR visa within 60 days of time. In case if the candidate fail to apply or could not gather the required documents so it will be considered as missed opportunities for the candidate. In case the applicant has applied for a State nominated visa 190, next step is to apply for the state nomination. Requirement for state nomination is different as are the application procedures.

Step 6: Australia PR Visa filing – Visa application needs to be submitted with the candidate’s professional and work experience documents, certified translations and other required documents.

Step 7: Medical Examination & Police Clearance Certificate – Once the Australia visa is stamped, to enter the country, applicant and their dependents has to comply with strict health and character requirements. Applicant needs to take the medical examination that needs to be done with a local doctor registered with Australian embassy.

Australia skilled worker visa Fees

Applicant in Australia or outside Australia:

  • Main Applicant Charge: A$3755
  • Dependent Applicant Charge (18 and over): A$1875
  • Child Applicant Charge (Under 18): A$940