Estonia Tourist / Visitor Visa

Documents Required for Estonia Tourist Visa

1)Valid passport – issued within the last 10 years and with at least 3 months validity after the scheduled return, with at least two empty pages along with old passports (If not, FIR or proof of cancellation)
2) Application form – completed, signed twice by the applicant. If the applicant is a minor, visa application signed twice by legal guardian (Proving the custody of a minor child, apostilled birth certificate, divorce papers etc)

3) One passport photograph – not older than 6 months (35mm x 45mm) in color with white background with no software corrections.

4) Cover letter – Name, passport number and travel date as per the ticket along with the travel plan with travel dates

5) Travel health insurance – Valid in Schengen countries with a coverage of at least 30,000 EUR for the entire duration of stay in the Schengen area

6) Proof of accommodation – For the whole duration in the Schengen area.

7) Proof of means of transport – flight reservation with return tickets

8) Introduction letter – business letterhead from the employer/company, signed and stamped by HR or directorate mentioning your position and the duration of your service. “No objection statement” regarding the planned trip to Estonia/Schengen States. The dates and purpose of the trip.
9) Proof of financial status All documents have to be originals, in format A4, with stamp and signature of Bank. – Last 3 months personal bank account statements. – Personal ITR (only ITR-V, Indian Income Tax Return Verification Form or Acknowledgement is accepted) for the last 2 assessment years.

  • If employed : – Last 3 months salary slips and last 3 months salary bank account statements. If self-employed and/or company owner : – Business registration certificate / Partnership Deed / Proof of proprietorship or other proof of ownership. Last 3 months personal and business bank account statements. Embassy of Estonia New Delhi
  • If retired : – Personal pension bank statement for the last 3 months. – Proof of regular income generated by ownership of property or business.

If Student or unemployed: –

Parents or legal guardians must provide their personal bank statements for the last 3 months. You should have proof of at least 100 EUR per day of stay in Estonia.

10) Children under 18 years old, not travelling with both parents: – Written consent letter of the other, non-travelling parent or legal guardian, certified by public notary. Children under 18 years old, travelling alone : – Written consent letter of both parents or legal guardian, certified by public notary. In all cases: copies of the passports of both parents or legal guardian.

11) Students – Copy of the student college ID card and introduction letter of the School/College/University.
12) Passport copy of 1st page (bio data) and last page of the passport

Above all Documents Required for Estonia Tourist visa from india

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