Documents required for Australia Permanent Resident (PR) visa

Documents required for Australia Permanent Resident visa

The documents which you need  will be used for the below Australia visa category.

  • Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) Its skilled independent visa. For this subclass, The point requirement is 65. If you have 65 Points , You are eligible for that. For 189, you do not require any Sponsor .That’s why it’s known as skilled independent or Direct PR visa. IELTs is required with the score of 7 Band in each section.
  • Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)It’s State Sponsor visa . It’s for those who are nominated by Australian state or territory government agency fall under the Australia Skilled Nomination Subclass-190 segment of General Skilled Migration visa program.For this subclass, The Point requirement is 55. If you have 55 Point , You are eligible for 190 and you can claim 5 points extra from state sponsorship to complete the requirement of 60. It’s also Direct permanent visa.
  • Skilled Regional Provisional Visa (Subclass 489)This popular points based Australian permit is basically meant for those skilled specialists and trades-persons from outside the nation, who have received nominations regional state of Australia. The permit is legally valid for duration of 4 years. This is not Permanent visa. It’s 4 Year temporary visa and after spending 2 years in regional State in Australia, you can apply for 887 (Skilled Regional Permanent visa).

What Documents are required for Australia Skilled worker visa?

Documents required for Australian visa

  • Passport:  A Valid Passport is required.
  • Birth Certificate: Birth certificate Scanned colour copy.
  • Photograph: Recent Passport sized photograph (45 mm x 35 mm) for all applicants with head and shoulders and white background and will be labelled with the applicants name at the back.
  • Name Certificate: If the name is changed then candidate need to provide the evidence.
  • English Test Score: Must have Test score of English (IELTS, Pearson, Cambridge English, TOEFL or OET) from which you have scored points. (IELTs minimum 7 band each is required)
  • Marriage Certificate: Marriage certificate (If Applicable)
  • Evidence of self-employed: If the candidate is self-employed, then evidence of the same.
  • Qualification: Candidate need to show the certified copies of his qualifications. Copies of all previous courses and also including the document you provided to relevant assessment authority for your positive result. Qualified candidates are necessary for Australia PR.
  • Employment Reference: Employment reference with letter of employment from which you have made the points, including references, contracts, pay slips, tax returns, or any group certificate.
  • Skill Assessment Report: Suitable Skill Assessment by the authority as per your profession.
  • EOI: Provide the point test claim at the time of Expression of Interest (EOI) (Take help from Go for Visa).
  • Government Fee: Need to pay all the charges for all applicants. Main applicant and (spouse and child if any)
  • Birth Certificate: If the Candidate is taking children with him, then he has to provide Birth Certificate of all children.
  • Health and Character Requirement: Candidate need to provide Character Requirements (Police Clearance Certificate either taken from nearest police station or from Passport Office).
  • Essential Application Form: You must attach the duly filled appropriate application form as per your PR visa category.

NOTE: Documents required for Australia visa list will be depending on the profile.

Documents required for ACS Australia Assessment

ACS Australian Computer Society (ACS) is an association for information and communications technology professionals with over 45,000 members Australia. This is an online assessment. You do not require IELTS to file ACS assessment application. You will need at least a score of 6.0 in all modules to apply for 189 Visa though. A 6.0 will not give you any points but is mandatory to show in order to get visa invite. Candidate has to create an online ACS account and then re-start the process. ACS does not allow creating a new account with new email as they match your passport number with existing application in their system. Below are the document list required for ACS Australia as in Australia PR.

  • Birth Certificate or Passport – it requires only page which has candidate’s details. No need to submit all passport pages.Example: In case of Indian Passport, submit only first and last page showing your photo and address.
  • Education Degree or Award Certificate – Candidate need to submit his degree certificate for education above senior secondary i.e. above 12th standard. In Australian language, the degree is called tertiary education.
  • Title of Degree or Award – Example: Masters of Computer applications.
  • Name of University or College – Example: Delhi University
  • Date the Degree was completed should be mentioned.

Note:  If there is no degree then the education will not be considered as relevant.  If the date printed on your degree does not match with your education completion, you can choose to either write the last examination date or the date printed on degree.

  • Mark Sheets or Mark sheet Transcript – There is no need to get sealed transcripts for degree or mark sheets. Simple notarization of mark sheet photocopy is enough for Australia PR and ACS assessment.
  • Work experience– Work Experience certificate is mandatory
  • Updated Resume – Candidate need to provide with the updated resume as per his profile.
  • Notarized DocumentsAll the documents should be notarised to apply for online ACS assessment. Notary public can certify documents in India for Australian PR or visa. First class gazetted officer can also use their stamp and signature to certify a Xerox (photocopy) of original documents like passport, your university transcripts and work experience letters.

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