Study: Canadians are more supportive of immigration than ever

Respondents understand the importance of immigration to the economy and believe Canada should accept more refugees

The Environics Institute of Canada in partnership with the Century Initiative has released survey data on Canada’s opinion on immigration. The Environics Institute is a research agency that conducts opinion polls and collects data on Canadian issues such as the government or economy. The Century Initiative is a registered charity run by business leaders and academics that advocates for Canada’s population to reach 100,000,000 by 2100.

The overall conclusion of the survey is that more Canadians are in favor of increased immigration than ever before. When asked whether Canada has a very high immigration level, nearly 70% of Canadians disagreed or strongly disagreed.

This is the highest support shown for immigration in the survey’s 45-year history, and 2021 census data shows that immigrants make up 23% of Canada’s total population, or 8.3 million people. It estimates that number will increase to 34% by 2041.

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