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What is an entry permit?

The Entry Permit happens to be a document that is issued as per Section 4, of the Immigration Regulations 1959/63. The Entry Permit actually allows a person to enter and also live without any limits in Malaysia and has the status of Permanent Residence. One’s spouse has to apply for an identification card at the National Registration Department(NRD).

What does one have to do in case the entry permit leaves the country?

It is necessary for the Entry Permit holders to apply for entry permit confirmation notice at the Office of the State Immigration.

What is the procedure for the Entry Permit for my wife?

One’s wife can apply for the Entry Permit in case she has lived in Malaysia on a Social Visit Pass for a period of 5 years. The approval for the Entry Permit is well under the jurisdiction of the Government of Malaysia and is usually awarded to foreigners who meet up to the eligibility requirements of applying for visa.

How to apply for visa to go to Malaysia?

The visa to enter Malaysia is issued by the specific Foreign Missions. The addresses as well as the contact details can be had from the Malaysian Foreign Missions.

Can a social visit pass be extended?

Children of a Malaysian citizen are eligible to apply for extending the Social Visit Pass on 6 to 6 month basis.

What are the process requirements for treatment in Government hospitals or Specialist hospitals in Malaysia?

Foreigners who require medical treatment in either Government or Specialist hospitals in Malaysia can stay on the basis of Extended Social Visit Pass on 6 to 6 month basis.

Who can approach the Immigration Department to discuss business issues?

No. It is an offence and necessary action can be taken under the provisions laid down by the Immigration act and regulations of Malaysia.

What if an employee wants to transfer to another sector?

One needs to obtain the necessary permission from the Ministry of Home Affairs before informing the Foreign Worker’s Division at the Immigration Department.

Can one be able to renew the Work Permit after a period of 2 years?

Yes. It can be renewed but not automatically. One has to go through similar processes as in the case of first filed application. Usually, the renewal is cleared unless the person is blacklisted by the Immigration Department.

What are basic criteria for work permit?

Work permit is actually granted to the concerned company and not the individual. The company will of course comply with capital requirement that has been duly set up by the Immigration Department. The applicant must possess the necessary qualifications as well experience to justify for the specific position.

Can one apply for a Malaysian Permanent Residency?

Yes. One can apply for a Permanent Residency after a period of 5 years of holding a work permit in Malaysia based on the point system that has been recently implemented by the Government.

What does working in Malaysia comprise of?

One is considered to be working if one has an office, has a name card with one’s local address on it and signed documents which are on behalf of the company. One needs a work permit. One can carry only one pass at a time.

Can one apply for a driving license?

In case, one has a license from one’s home country, then one can convert that into a Malaysian license. Depending upon one’s position in one’s company as well as one’s nationality, the application will then be submitted to the JPJ, Putrajaya for approval as well as processing.

Can I open a bank account without possessing a work permit?

No. Banks will not allow one to open an account as most banks need a work permit of at least 6 months. However, one can open an account under the name of the company before company’s incorporation, before processing one’s work permit.

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