International SIM Card

International SIM Card

Connected whenever you go

Do not lose touch with family and friends when you travel with our international SIM card. We can help you get an international SIM card that keeps you connected at a reasonable cost. Our aim is to help you avoid the hassle of managing multiple SIM cards or hunting a local provider once you arrive. Preferred in rupees, our SIM cards also help you save on foreign exchange rates.

International SIM Card Solution Details:

  • Get your number before traveling
  • Pay in rupees to save on foreign currency conversion
  • 24×7 customer service access


Most international SIM cards for cell phones are country-specific, so they

Only work in targeted countries. An international sim card will provide you cheaper

Call rates compared to the rates offered by your home provider.

The moment you land in your new country with an international SIM, stay connected.

Card. We can help you get your communications set up with an internationally valid SIM

card that ensures you are in touch with your loved ones.

There are various means to avoid these absurdly high prices.

The International Roaming Pack is an easy solution. Service providers such as Airtel and

Vodafone allows highly cost-effective plans for its users. However, they are user-specific,

Anything other than this,

As soon as you switch countries, Change plans. By buying a local sim

Only once you reach your destination country does it mean the hassle of running for a sim

The moment you land at your destination.

so they Only work in targeted countries. An international sim card will provide you cheaper

Call rates compared to the rates offered by your home provider.

If your plans include Traveling a single country, an international SIM card is your best pick. However, for Globetroters who are often on foot to many different destinations are the best option.

A global card 

A global card stands valid in almost all countries of the world.While products such as a global SIM card/ global card/ travel international SIM card have

Onesimcard and Telestial have been a part of the international market as World SIM

Airtel is the first in the Indian market.Given the high utility of global cards, more

Brands have introduced this product. To date, there are four such global SIMs.

Indian market. Check out the various features and charges offered by the four SIMs:

Airtel World SIM

The best advantage of using this SIM is that you can maintain your household number. Any call

Being created on your Airtel India number is automatically sent to the new Airtel

Number.Airtel has promised to save up to 85% on international calls. with this

Global card in your pocket, You can travel with the same number in 190 countries. This also

Prevents the inconvenience of carrying or running multiple international SIM cards

To buy local SIMs nearby. See various tariff plans for Airtel World SIM.

Call rates start at just 1 paise per minute in many countries around the world, that's a lot

Cheaper and ideal choice than international calling card or home mobile providers.

To buy Airtel World SIM, customers can call at the toll-free number 1800-102-9933 or


Reliance Passport SIM

Even if Reliance Passport SIM does not allow to get that number

Airtel, this is a viable option. It provides cheap calling rates in over 160 countries

with free incoming calls in over 36 countries. It gives you the option of postpaid or prepaid

SIM card based on your convenience and makes you the owner of international number

permanent basis. You can also receive calls on it while you are in India. You can manage your

bills, recharges and other transactions online easily. It also allows you to set a credit limit on

the SIM to avoid exorbitant bill shocks. The tariffs vary from country to country according to

their standard rates. You can buy the Reliance World SIM here.

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