CDR Australia

What is Australia CDR?

A CDR Report is a process through which engineers looking forward to getting a Skilled Migration visa for Australia can prove their abilities.

The Engineers Australia (EA)

The authority for skilled immigration applications assess and prescribes certain rules and regulations on how to prepare your CDR.

Normally, EA asks you to do CDR writing yourself to reveal your communication skills to the assessor. Although, if you present a poorly written CDR to the EA, your chances to settle down in Australia lowers down. CDR Writing Services for Engineers Australia offer assistance to those candidates in preparing a CDR which help them achieve positive assessment from the EA. Therfore, successfully getting the Australian Visa. CDR Report offers CDR Writing Services by specialised writers who have helped hundreds of engineers in writing successful CDR, customised to their specific career roles and achievements.

Skill Assessment Criteria of Engineers for Australia Immigration

Australia have a diverse range of engineers to work in. Particularly the engineering has been divided into four broad disciplines: chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical.

The profession has changed over time. There are now many sub-disciplines. Australia also has a history of engineer achievements. For example bionic ear, plastic disposable syringe, pacemaker and much more. With its latest technology, strong government and private support, everyday new inventions and discoveries are uncovered to improve the world.

Engineers are paid higher than any other occupations in Australia. In general, Immigration to Australia is very popular among engineers located all around the world.

To start your process as an Australian Engineer immigration applicant, you must choose an occupation enlisted in the Immigration Australia Occupation List.

First, you should get skill assessment positive. It is must to have positive Engineers Australia Migration Skill Assessment available to apply for Australian Permanent Residency Visa.

Moreover, the Engineers Australia identifies three occupational categories in the Engineering Team in Australia:

  1. Professional Engineer

  2. Engineering Technologist

  3. Engineering Associate

The Professional Engineer

  • Focuses on overall systems.

  • Develops and applies new engineering practices.

  • Applies leadership & management skills.

  • Pursues engineering opportunities in a holistic way taking environmental, community & social issues into account.

  • Solves diverse problems.

Engineering Technologist

Academic qualification for Engineering Technologist is a three year bachelor of engineering technology degree gained after 12 years of schooling or equivalent.

  • Focuses on interactions within the system.

  • Modifies and adapts established engineering practices.

  • Advanced engineering technology.

The Engineering Associate

Academic qualification is a two year diploma of engineering gained after 12 years of schooling, or equivalent.

  • Focuses on specific elements of the system.

  • Works within and applies established practices & procedures.

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