Alberta – Self Employed Farmer Stream

Alberta – Self Employed Farmer Stream

Alberta has great opportunities to start a business. Though it is home the world’s 3rd most liveable city, Calgary, Alberta’s farmlands are where your investment options truly lie. The province is Canada’s second largest agricultural producer and its diverse landscapes make the land perfect for crop production, livestock production etc.

Alberta Self Employed Farmer Stream


Farming skills

You must be able to prove that you have farm management skills through:

  • financial documentation of your existing farm business;
  • documentation proving your work experience, training and education;
  • a detailed business plan; and/or
  • evidence showing that a Canadian financial institution will invest in your business plan.
Financial requirementsYou must be able to invest a minimum of $500,000 CAD in a primary production farming business in the province.
Investment requirementsYou must provide a detailed business plan highlighting your investment plans. Business plans that are believed to have the best chance to grow Alberta’ agri-food targets’ will be considered first.

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