ICCRC immigration Consultants in Delhi

ICCRC immigration Consultants in Delhi

Canada is one of the most loved Country by the immigrants and Indians love Canada and want to live in the Canada and want to enjoy the life in Canada.

By being one of the most loved Country by immigrants there are a lot of frauds are also going on in the immigration process. After seeing the love for the Canada in the people many people try to mint money by doing frauds in the immigration process. 

There are a lot of fake immigration companies who try to charge a lot of money by saying that they are registered with ICCRC, and they just take your money and throw you in the dark with false hopes. 

Who is a ICCRC Agent?

The ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory council) is the national regulatory authority designated by the Government of Canada to protect consumers who receive advice and representation from immigration advisers.

Federal law requires that immigration consultants in Canada or overseas who provide Canadian immigration services for a fee must be registered with the ICCRC and be recognized as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Advisor (RCIC).

Who are the best ICCRC agents in Delhi?

There are tons of immigration consultancies without any affiliation of RCIC agent and It becomes really difficult to find genuine ICCRC agents in Delhi. But don't Worry we have cover it all for you, Since 2009 World Overseas has become one of the known name in the Global Immigration Arena for providing the most authentic and legal migration methods that strictly follow all the guidelines.

Standard with all regulatory bodies, ICCRC fulfills its mandate by:

  • Establishing entry-to-practice requirements of applicants seeking admission into the regulated professions.
  • Overseeing their professional development and conduct.
  • Licensing professionals.
  • Receiving, investigating and adjudicating complaints.
  • Administering a disciplinary process to sanction professionals who fail to meet the regulator’s standards.

How to choose a immigration consultant for Canada?

Finding a best immigration consultant can be a difficult task for anyone. So when you start looking for an immigration consultant you need to see below.

  1. Make sure your immigration consultant has good knowledge about the process provide you genuine information.
  2. Check if the service charges is reasonable.
  3. Immigration consultant should always provide you a receipt and agreement for your payment.
  4. Immigration services should be minimum one year on written agreement paper.
  5. Immigration consultant should be associated with licensed body.
  6. Immigration process should be transparent.
  7. Your immigration consultant should always provide you free assessment of your profile.
  8. Required Document list should be provided at the time of assessment only.
  9. Your immigration consultant should have all the possible ways to make your profile stronger with Immigration strategies.

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