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2211 – Chemical technologists and technicians

Chemical technologists and technicians provide technical support and services or may work independently in chemical engineering, chemical and biochemical research and analysis, industrial chemistry, chemical quality control and environmental protection. They are employed by research and development and quality control laboratories, consulting engineering companies, in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and a variety of other manufacturing and processing industries, and by utilities, health, educational and government establishments.


Example titles

  • Analytical chemistry technician
  • Biochemistry technologist
  • Chemical analyst
  • Chemical engineering technician
  • Chemical engineering technologist
  • Chemical laboratory analyst
  • Chemical research technician
  • Chemical technician
  • Chemical technologist
  • Food technologist
  • Formulation technician
  • Geochemical technician
  • Industrial hygiene technologist
  • Mass spectrometer technician
  • Master dyer – textiles
  • Paint technician
  • Pilot plant technician
  • Quality control technician – chemical processing
  • Quality control technician – food processing


  • Documents examiner – applied chemistry
  • Forensic handwriting expert

Main duties

This group performs some or all of the following duties:

Chemical technologists
  • Set up and conduct chemical experiments, tests and analyses using techniques such as chromatography, spectroscopy, physical and chemical separation techniques and microscopy
  • Operate and maintain laboratory equipment and apparatus and prepare solutions of gas or liquid, reagents, and sample formulations
  • Compile records and interpret experimental or analytical results
  • Develop and conduct programs of sampling and analysis to maintain quality standards of raw materials, chemical intermediates and products
  • Assist in the development of chemical engineering processes, studies of chemical engineering procurement, construction, inspection and maintenance and the development of standards, procedures and health and safety measures
  • Operate experimental chemical or petrochemical pilot plants
  • Conduct or assist in air and water quality testing and assessments, environmental monitoring and protection activities, and development of and compliance with standards
  • Assist in synthesis of small molecules for the purpose of creating drug candidates
  • Assist in the design and fabrication of experimental apparatus.
Chemical technicians
  • Assist in setting up and conducting chemical experiments, tests and analyses
  • Operate and maintain laboratory equipment and apparatus and prepare solutions of gas and liquid, reagents and sample formulations
  • Compile records for analytical studies
  • Assist in developing and conducting programs of sampling and analysis to maintain quality standards
  • Carry out a limited range of other technical functions in support of chemical research, tests and analyses, and environmental air and water quality monitoring and protection
  • Assist in the design and fabrication of experimental apparatus.

Employment requirements

  • Chemical technologists usually require completion of a two- or three-year college program in chemical, biochemical or chemical engineering technology or a closely related discipline.
  • Chemical technicians usually require completion of a one- or two-year college program in chemical, biochemical or chemical engineering technology.
  • National certification for chemical technologists and technicians is available through the Canadian Society for Chemical Technology.
  • Certification in chemical engineering technology or in a related field is available through provincial associations of engineering/applied science technologists and technicians and may be required by employers.
  • Chemical technologists and technicians are regulated in Quebec and Alberta.
  • A period of supervised work experience, usually two years, is required before certification.

Additional information

  • Considerable mobility is possible among jobs within this occupational group.
  • Progression to managerial positions is possible with experience.
  • Some chemical technologists and technicians working in support of fundamental research in chemistry or biochemistry are university graduates.


  • Biochemistry technologists working as medical laboratory technologists (in 3211 Medical laboratory technologists)
  • Process technicians who operate the controls of chemical or petrochemical processing plants (in 9232 Central control and process operators, petroleum, gas and chemical processing)

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