Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa -

What is the Processing time for Subclass 491

From 16 November 2019, Sub class 489 and 187 visas will be closed to new applicants and a new 491 visa will take its place. This new visa will be classified as a GSM (General Skilled Migration) visa. They have a lot of similarities. Subclass 491 is a provisional visa. It is for skilled workers who want to live and work in regional Australia. subclass 491 visa, Under Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) subclass-491 visa applicant will be able to live, work and study in designated regional areas of Australia for 5 years with their family. Visa holders will be eligible to apply for a Permanent Residence visa after three years. This visa will be accessible for more people; with over 500 new occupations eligible under the new 491 visa. Moreover, the definition of regional Australia will be simplified and broadened to include all areas of Australia except the metropolitan areas of; Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth. The notable changes here is that Newcastle, Wollongong and the NSW Central Coast will be classified as regional.

What are the eligibility criteria to apply under the new subclass 491 visa?

  • You must be below age 45.
  • You must have a Competent level of English (or equivalent).
  • You must provide a valid skills assessment in relation to the occupation for which you are seeking nomination.
  • minimum of 65 points will be required as per all other GSM points-tested visas;
  • Your CV should be no more than four pages long
  • Your occupation must be listed on the Commonwealth’s skilled occupation lists. To check if your occupation is eligible for the subclass 491 visa, please refer to the occupation list Australia Sub class 491. 
  • A Confirmation of Employment Statement
  • A signed contract / letter of offer which includes your employer’s Australian Business Number (ABN) and contract details.

How much are Funds required to apply for Subclass 491?

Number of dependentsAustralian dollars (A$)
Individual applicant$30,000
6 or more$80,000

How much points require applying for Subclass 491?

As we all know that immigrating to any country is not an easy task and the applicant has to meet the eligibility criteria decided by the country so to apply for Australia subclass 491 also applicant need to evaluate his profile. So before submitting an EOI for Australia Skill select, applicant need to calculate his points for Australia visa and the minimum points require is 65 points.  

Benefits of Subclass 491

  • You can stay in Australia for 5 years
  • You can live, work and study in a designated regional area of Australia
  • You can travel to and from Australia as many times as you want, while the visa is valid. 
  • Additional points will be granted to Subclass 491 visa applicant. 
  • You can include you family members also.
  • Must live and work for 3 years in regional areas to get Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) 191 Visa. 

What is the processing fee for Sub class 491?

  • DHA Fee (main applicant) $4,045  
  • Spouse is: $2,025

What is the Processing time for Subclass 491?

  • We assess applications on a case-by-case basis, and actual processing times can vary due to individual circumstances including:
  • whether you have lodged a complete application, including all necessary supporting documents
  • how quickly you respond to any requests for additional information
  • how long it takes to perform required checks on the supporting information provided
  • how long it takes to receive additional information from external agencies, particularly in relation to health, character, and national security requirements


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