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Processing Time For Australia Immigration

What Is The Processing Time For Australia Immigration?

First time, when we are planning to migrate to any country or Australia comes in our mind is how long the process will take or after how many days we can move to Australia. So one should know before applying for apply Australia PR visa that how much time the process takes or how long he has to wait. Processing time for all the Australia skilled worker visa is different like for subclass 189 it is deferment and subclass 190 it is different.

Australia PR Processing Time

  • Australia 189 PR Visa processing time = minimum 5 to 10 months
  • Australia 190 PR Visa processing time = minimum 4 to 8 months.

Australia PR Processing time for subclass-189 Visa – It takes minimum 5 to 10 months to process the complete visa process for Australia immigration from India. It’s completely depends on the applicant that how long he takes to complete the documentation process because how soon he will provide the document to the immigration consultant they can apply for his visa application.

Australia subclass 190 PR Processing Time – Australia subclass 190 takes minimum 4 months to 8 months to complete the Australia PR process

How long will it take to get Invitation to apply under Australia PR visa:

The Australia PR invitation time is based on your ANZSCO job code and the number of points you score against your peers who are in the pool and has applied for expression of interest (EOI) for Australia PR. The minimum points required to apply for Australia immigration is 65 points. But more points you achieve more and quick chances you have to get the visa application successful.  The waiting time to get an invitation could vary from 1 month to up to 12 months at this time for few profiles.

What is Australia Expression of Interest or EOI:

An expression of interest (EOI) is an application method of showing your interest in applying for a Australia skilled worker visa. EOI is an online application form that needs to be filled by applicant using an Australian government website commonly called as Skill Select. Candidate need to select the visa type and submit their family, education, employment details and wait for the invitation to apply (ITA) to apply for PR visa.

What are the Documents Required for Australia EOI?

  • Education and Work Experience Assessment
  • English-Language Test Report (IELTS/OET/PTE)

Steps used for Australia Skill Select EOI:

  • Candidate can select all 189 and 190 PR option in same EOI. There is no need to file separate 190 EOI in state website.
  • When candidate select 190, system gives you option to select the specific state. At this time, you can only select either one state or all. There is no option of selecting multiple states in Skill Select. If you select any particular state others states won’t even look at your profile. But if you select all states, your profile and points will be visible to all Australia states and they can invite you.  Under subclass 190 visa, the condition is you can stay for at-least 2 years in the state after getting PR. Every state has their own evaluation fee to evaluate your profile.