Nova Scotia PNP demand Occupation List

Nova Scotia PNP in demand Occupation List

The Nova Scotia PNP (Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee program) is the easiest way for those who want to move to Canada under Nova Scotia PNP demand occupation list . Nova Scotia immigration program is depending on the demand of skilled workers in the Nova Scotia. Before applying for the Nova Scotia PNP demand occupation list you need to make sure that your occupation is exist in the Nova Scotia PNP demand occupation list. Along with that, you need to know about the Nova Scotia points system to evaluate your profile and eligibility. You need to consult with the best Canada immigration consultant to know the best way to immigrate to Canada,  today you will be provided with the Nova Scotia PNP points calculator and occupation list, but only knowing about them and filing your application on your own will go futile. You must look for the best immigration consultant, who can help you with documentation and form arrangement and filling to make your immigration process easy.

Candidates must also meet the following requirements in order to be eligible for Nova Scotia PNP:

  • Candidate must be 21 to 55 years old.
  • have one year of work experience related to the job
  • Candidate must have minimum diploma or Degree.
  • Candidate must have the appropriate training, skills or accreditation for the job.
  • Should have minimum 4 bands each in IELTs.
  • Candidate should have enough proof of financial resources to successfully settle in Nova Scotia.

The Latest Nova Scotia in-Demand Occupation List

Sr. No.Occupation ListNOCSkills
1Financial auditors and accountants1111A
2Other financial officers1114A
3Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations1123A
4Administrative assistants1241B
5Accounting and related clerks1311B
6Civil engineers2131A
7Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses3012A
8Licensed practical nurses3233B
9College and other vocational instructors4021A
10Paralegal and related occupations4211B
11Social and community service workers4212B

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