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Canada Express Entry Visa Process Step by Step

Canada Express Entry Process Step by Step from India 2024

Express Entry Process step has been introduced on 1st January 2015. Under this programme, it has helped in removing the gaps by allowing the entry of Skilled Migrants to Canada. Express Entry  Process step is mode of appointing Canada Permanent Resident (PR) Status is a two-way road, which helps the economy of the country and also lucratively helps the immigrants.  The scrutiny of the candidature is based on the point basis of Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and the eligible candidates are allotted a PR Status.

Canada Express Entry Process  step is among the best and fastest online immigration programs for aspirants who want to settle in Canada on work or study purposes. Express Entry program step is popular and in demand now a day for the majority of visa applicants seeking Permanent Residency benefits. Express Entry Process step recommended program for the majority of skilled professionals and international students.

The main pathways for a skilled worker immigration are:

1. Federal Skilled Worker Program: This stream of is for working professionals whose skills are in-demand in the national Canadian economy. Most tertiary level/service oriented professions like doctors, lawyers, spokespersons, etc. fall within this category. Visit our page on this category for further details.

2. Federal Skilled Trades Program: This pathway is for professionals whose skills are related to secondary level/ technical and industrially skilled professionals within the national Canadian economy. Most secondary/technical skill oriented professions such as steamfitters, industrial workers, fall within this category. Visit our page here for more details.

3. Canadian Experience Class: This category is for professionals from both the secondary and tertiary sectors who already have experience of working in the domestic Canadian economy. If you have already lived and worked in Canada professionally, then this category is for you. Click here for an in-depth explanation on this category.

The first thing you need to do is to understand which of the above mentioned streams will suit your application the best. It is advisable to take the help of immigration professionals to quickly determine where your application will get the highest priority. After you have figured to where to apply, the first thing you will need to do is to create a profile online with the CIC. Profiles are eligible for selection through Express Entry only for 12 months after which a new profile will need to be created. You need to do to acquire the ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) report from a recognized assessing authority, i.e. WES. Next, you must Choose an occupation to apply as per NOC (National Occupational Classification), i.e. Skill Level 0, A, B, etc.

Once you select the occupation from the National occupation list, your application will be placed in an Express Entry candidate pool where via the Comprehensive Ranking System your CRS points score will be aggregated. The higher you score the more likely you are to be invited to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada. If you are invited to apply, then you have 60 days to submit the required documents to apply online.

Find the below stepwise process to apply in Federal Express Entry Program System:

Step1–Education Credential Assessment

Once you apply for Express Entry program, the very first step you need to go through is Educational Credential Assessment through WES (World education services). Applicant has to send the documents to Canada for the Verification.

 Step2–Preparation for IELTS

Applicant has to prepare for IELTs as this is very important to file for the Canada immigration visa. Minimum score require in IELTs for Canada Express Entry program is 6 bands each. But it is always advised to the client to get more score for the successful application. But, there are also flexibilities attached top this score as when you are planning to immigrate to Canada with PNP PR status then the IELTS requirement can vary such as, Saskatchewan asks for an IELTS score of 4.5 only.

Step 3–Create profile and submit EOI

Once the IELTs and ECA result is obtained. Applicant has to submit EOI in the Express Entry pool by creating a profile. i.e. Age, Education, Experience and the Language.

Step4–Calculate CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System)

Based on the information you put in your profile, you will be given a score and ranked against others in the pool. So this is very important to calculate the CRS score while submitting the profile in the Express Entry pool. Calculation for CRS will be done on the below basis:

  • Age–Although there is no age limit for migrating to Canada but if a person is between 18 to 35 years of age, then more points are allocated
  • Language proficiency–it is cross checked through IELTS and CLB examination. Scoring high band in IELTS can guarantee good points to the candidate.
  • Education–Calculated under the ECA, the educational degree should be at par with the Canadian education board.
  • Work Experience–The candidate should be skilled and having good work experience makes one eligible for good score points
  • Adaptability–having a sibling already settled in Canada can help one garner good points. 
  • Arranges employment–if the applicant has arranged employment in Canada while applying for Express Entry program, will get extra points.

Step 5–ITA (Invitation to apply)

Applicant has to wait for the draw, until his profile is picked from the Express Entry pool. Once the ITA or PNP is obtained, an applicant  can apply for PR visa within 60 days and 30 days for PNP.

Step6–Filing for Canada PR visa

On the receipt of ITA (Invitation to apply), an applicant has to file for Canada immigration along with required documents is as below:

  • Identity Proof
  • Educational Qualification Documents
  • Work Experience
  • Valid Passport
  • Your recent photographs
  • Job offer letter from Canadian Employer (if any) & other required documents.

 Step7–Canada PR approval

CIC (Canada immigration & Citizenship) will review all the documents submitted by the applicant. The entire document has to be true and genuine along with the applicant form for Canada PR application, all the right documents arrangement will help you get your documents validate quickly.

Step8–Medical Certificate and Police Clearance

Medical Certificate and police clearance certificates are certifications and clearances that you will need to submit once you have successfully entered Canada. For perfect and shortest clearance times, get all your relevant affairs in order in your native country before leaving for Canada.  

 How to Apply for Canada PR Visa?

If you are planning to apply for Canada PR visa, below are the  following list will tell you how to apply to Canada for a PR visa:

 Get an ECA from WES. This will help you verify your educational qualifications.

ü Score well in your IELTS exams. You need a minimum score of 7 points per band to qualify for immigration.

ü Choose your job category from the NOC categories–O, A and B. Thereafter you can apply through the various Express Entry streams

ü Create an Express Entry profile online and provide authentic information.

ü Your profile will now be listed in the CRS system and ranked alongside other profiles.

ü If your score is good enough to pass the grade, then you will be issued an ITA after which you will have 60 days to apply for a PR visa.

If some is looking forward to apply for an Express Entry program or Canada Permanent Residency (PR) has to keep the basic expenditures   kept in mind which is –

 Language proficiency–IELTS (International English language Testing System) Examination = Rs. 13,650 /- Approx

Ø Transcripts and documents from the university = Rs. 1000 /-

Ø Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) = $227 (CAD) Approx

Ø Creating an Express Entry Profile = NIL

Ø Medical results and Police verification = Rs. 6000 /-

Ø Apply for Permanent Residency (PR) Status on CIC website = 1040 $CAD or Rs. 53,000 /-

Ø Primary Candidate fee – 825$ (CAD)

Ø Secondary Candidate fee – 825$ (CAD)

Ø Child fee (under 22 years of age) – 225$ (CAD)

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