Federal Skilled Trades Program – 2024

The Canadian Government and Immigration Department developed the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) in 2013 in order to address the growing shortage of skilled workers in areas that were experiencing rapid growth due to the increasing strength of the economy. Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC) is prescribed as a class of applicants who may become permanent residents on the basis of their ability to become economically established in Canada workers in a skilled trade occupation. The Canadian Federal Skilled Trades Program offers potential immigrants who are qualified in a skilled trade the opportunity to quickly become a permanent resident of Canada in an attempt to ensure that the country attracts and retains a skilled work force.

Individuals who possess a job offer or have a certification to work in an occupation on the list under the Federal Skilled Trades Program are able to immigrate to Canada on a permanent basis and obtain permanent residency status in Canada. Potential applicants under the stream can immigrate either with or without a job offer. The FTSC has specific requirements for educational requirements, job offers and work experience. The economic immigration program was developed at the request of Canadian businesses and employers who were struggling to hire enough skilled workers to help them complete their work on time

Minimum Eligibility for Canada Federal Skilled Trades Program from India – 2024

There are many factors that affect an applicant’s eligibility for the Federal Skilled Trades Program. Skilled Trade Program applicants are assessed on their predicted ability to establish themselves in Canada economically.

Work Experience for skilled workers Program

The applicant must have at least 24 months of full-time experience (30+ hours per week) in the particular trade in the five years prior to the application being lodged. Part-time work that adds up to two years of full-time work also meets the requirements. This can be 24 months of working more than one job for a total of 30 hours/week, or a longer duration of part-time work (15+ hours each week) totaling 3,120 hours over a two-year period.

Language Proficiency for skilled workers Program

Applicants who wish to reside in Canada through the Federal Skilled Trades Program must demonstrate that they have at least an intermediate grasp of either English or French. Meet the minimum language proficiency threshold set by the Minister in English or French- Canadian Level Benchmark (CLB) 5 for speaking and listening, CLB 4 for reading and writing.

Permanent Job Offer or Federal Skilled Trades Program Qualification

In the case of a permanent job offer, the applicant must be able to supply proof that they have been offered a full-time job in Canada that adds up to 30 hours a week or more. This can also be applicable to two part-time job offers that will cover 30 hours a week.

If the applicant is qualified and holds a certification in their particular skilled trade, they do not necessarily need a job offer. Instead, the applicant needs to get hold of the regulatory body in the province or territory in which they intend to work, and through this provincial or territorial organization get their skilled trade qualifications certified.

Satisfy Job Requirements

An applicant must be able to meet the requirements of one of the employment opportunities that are offered in the Federal Skilled Trades Program. There is a list of the possible jobs for applicants, and failure to meet either the relative certification or training for one of these jobs will result in failure to work in Canada through the program. We have listed all the eligible Federal Skilled Trades Program occupations below, as well as their National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes.

Federal Skilled Trades Program Cap – 2024

Eligible occupation categories:

  • Industrial
  • Electrical and Construction
  • Maintenance and Equipment operations
  • Agriculture and Production
  • Processing
  • Transport
  • Manufacturing
  • Cooks and Chefs
  • Bakers and Butchers