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Canada Jobs from India 2019-2020

Canada Jobs From India

Canada is the top immigration destination in the world. If you are planning to move abroad and overseas jobs and visa then Canada is the best place to work and career growth. If you are looking for jobs in Canada, skilled worker visa is the best way to work in Canada. under PR visa the applicant can move to Canada and work without any exploitation. Employment in Canada can help in leading. Currently the vacancies are going on for Indians in IT sector and management roles in Canada.

Canada is highly recommended when it comes to employment and overseas opportunities. There are many job opportunities which is available for people in different profiles.

In the list of benefits of Permanent residency (PR) Status of Canada provide the right to work, live, study and move anywhere in Canada. In order to avoid paperwork opt for work permit or temporary visa which might seem easier at first but it doesn’t hold long term benefits. PR visa has more advantages in the long run and has benefits of free healthcare, free education and provides the right to work to PR holder anywhere in Canada.

Why Canada Immigration (Express Entry program) is a good for a Job in Canada?

When it comes to career growth and jobs opportunities in Canada many of us think that work permit is a good option and we look forward to have a direct interview with the employer to get offer letter. Which is completely a wrong way and people get distracted and waste their time. If anyone looking for jobs in Canada they must go through a legal and genuine way is Permanent residency (PR) visa of Canada which means that the applicant will be able to work and live in Canada with similar benefits that a Canadian citizen allows.  Having a PR status of Canada is similar to having a green card in America. Working on a work permit can make a candidate loose a good opportunity as he can job his change if he want, more over when it expires person has to come in his own country as he can’t extend the visa. But in the case of a PR visa in Canada, Canada PR holder can stay in Canada on Permanent basis and change the job any time. Further, since Permanent Residency (PR) Status is allotted to the candidate after careful verification of the candidature, the employers also consider the PR status Candidate to safe and as a proof of the validation of the physical and mental health of the candidate.

There are few myths in the Indians regarding the Canada PR visa or Express Entry visa.

Myth – Candidate always has this thinking that after getting the Canada PR, they will not be getting the job in Canada or they will be unemployed, and they opt for Canada work permit which does not exist in reality and applicant get fooled from some consultancies or recruitment agencies. But this is completely the fault of Candidate. Candidate should have complete know like how they can get a good opportunities to get jobs in Canada.

Truth – Canada PR visa or Express Entry program is the only way to get good job opportunities in Canada, under Express Entry visa can get the PR statues in Canada, and get good jobs on permanent basis. Under Canada PR visa, PR holder does not have to stick with the same job and change the job anytime. People those are looking for overseas jobs always think that the job interview should be the first stage of Canada Process, but according to the CIC Canada candidate first has to go through the visa process and get PR visa for Canada and then only the employer will take their interview. No one from India can apply for Canada jobs without holding Canada PR visa. So every aspirant whoever is looking for overseas jobs and opportunities has to go through the Canada immigration visa process first. And then search for the job in Canada.

How to get Canada immigration visa from India?

The major pathways of acquiring a PR status in Canada – Express Entry Program,Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP).

1. Express Entry Program –The very easy and the fast way to immigrate  out of three is express entry program in which the eligibility of the candidate is determined by the point measurement basis and the points are calculated using the comprehensive ranking system tool which lists the candidate’s capabilities on the basis of Age, language, education and work experience. Under Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP) which is a sub category of the express entry program. the minimum points required for Federal Skilled worker visa is 67 points.

2. Provincial Nominee Program(PNP)– For the Provincial Nominee Program or PNP the eligibility for every province is different and the candidate is provided with the PR status only in that particular province. The PR status acquired is for that province only and the occupation in demand in that region is also taken into consideration at the time of evaluation.

Ø Alberta PNP program

Ø British Columbia PNP

Ø Manitoba PNP

Ø Saskatchewan PNP

Ø Nova Scotia PNP

Ø Prince Edward Island Nomination Program

Ø Ontario PNP

3. Quebec Skilled Workers Program(QSWP) – Under this program, the PR status for the Quebec region is acquired and in this process first the Approval is sought from the Quebec province and after that the approval is sought by the federal government.

Express Entry Program (Federal skill worker visa) - Step By Step Process

Canada Express Entry is an opportunity that allows the aspirants to create an account free of cost which can be used for one year, only for those whose profile is there in Canada occupation list (NOC). They have to select their occupation from the occupation list. 

Stage 1  Profile Canada PR holder does not required to contend against the occupational limitations the system without first come first serve basis of evaluation and predetermined time deadlines;

Stage 2  WES(World Education services) Candidate  must get their educational credentials verified from WES Canada,only educational documents are required to see the genuinity of the documents.

Stage 3  Language Test Candidate need to write IELTS (International English language system). It should be approved language proficiency test as an evidence of their linguistic skills in either English or French;

Stage 4  Profile Creation A profile will be created as soon as approval comes from WES Canada. The profile of the candidate will be assessed for eligibility by the CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System. The applicant’s profile would be evaluated on the basis of certain pre-determined criteria, like:

  • Age
  • Linguistic skills
  • Academic accomplishments
  • Professional exposure

Other deemed vital profile traits that can evidence the ability of new entrants in settling in the Canadian environment

Stage 5  Wait for drawAfter assessing the profiles, the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) ranks the applicants on the basis of the marks obtained. Points can be gained by the applicants under the following conditions:

  • Received state sponsorship (Canada PNP).
  • Full-time regular employment offer letter from a Canadian employer;

Stage 6  Invitation from CIC (ITA) The CIC manages shortlisting draws at regular intervals to choose the applicants who have obtained highest points or have received a provincial nomination or have attained a permanent employment offer from a Canadian employer through job bank in Canada.

Stage 7  Canada visa filing The shortlisted candidates are supposed to move ahead with the filing of second sets of the applications for permanent residence. Chosen candidates are given 60 days to respond the invitation; if the applicant is flunked to do so then his/her invitation would be cancelled.

Stage 8  Canada Visa approvalThe CIC assures to evaluate appeals of the selected applicants within six months of receipt of completed requests.

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