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Funds Required for Canada Immigration – PR Visa

May 16, 2019BY Sanjay ( 6 ) Comment

Funds Required for Canada Immigration – PR Visa

Canada is one of the most inexpensive countries in the world when it comes to immigration. Canada has a wide range of immigration pathways to choose from depending upon every immigrant’s preference and immigration needs. Generally speaking there are four immigration pathways into Canada. These are:

Federal Express Entry Program: This is the national immigration pathway and offers three categories of immigration –

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP),
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

Out of these, the FSWP is the most popular program for Indian applicants to Canada.

  • Provincial Nomination Program:  Canada has different- different PNP programmes when it comes to immigration . The advantage with applying for PNP is that if you are unable to get selected for Canada PR through Express Entry, then you can apply for PNP and if selected, you are guaranteed immigration. PNPs also have a slightly lesser eligibility criteria than the federal immigration program. So, if you want to move to a particular province like Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia or any other, then PNP is a good option.
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program: All PNPs except the QSWP operate through the Express Entry program. The province of Quebec has its own separate immigration platform. So, if you want to go to Quebec, then this is the immigration pathway you should apply through.
  • Occupation in-Demand: The Occupation in-Demand category is meant for those professionals whose occupation is in high-demand in Canada. Both the Federal Express Entry program as well as the Provincial Nomination Program offer OID categories. Before applying through this pathway for Canada PR, ensure your job is in high demand by looking at the NOC list for the particular province you want to immigrate to.

Now after understanding the various immigration ways to Canada, We will look at the cost of immigration through each category.

How Much Will It Cost Me to Move to Canada?

Before your Canada PR immigration application is selected, there are a number of costs associated with ensuring your application gets processed properly. Here is a detailed list of all the costs you will need to take up in order to get your Canada immigration application processed:

  • The Education Credential Assessment (ECA): If you are planning to apply for Canada PR, you have to go through the WES (world Education Services) process to assess their document. So that they can check the authenticity of the Education documents. The average price of getting an ECA is about 300 CAD.
  • IELTS Exam Cost: IELTs Exam is mandatory for Canada PR. So if somebody is planning to immigrate to Canada, one have write IELTs Exam also. The average cost of the IELTS exam is around Rs. 12,100. Again, it is best to take professional help from Canada immigration experts before making payments.
  • Financial Documents: Candidates who have applied for permanent residence visa under skilled immigration programs Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) and Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) have to provide with the proof of settlement funds. Candidate has to make sure that they are having sufficient funds in their account, if they are planning to immigrate to Canada. he following table will illustrate the amount needed for the proof of funds with respect to a number of family members:

Number of Family Members

Amount Needed (in CAD)















Each additional family member


Family members include spouse or partner, dependent children and the dependent children of a spouse or partner. For dependent children age limit is up to 22 years.

  • Passport Costs: So, finally you have all the documents you need and have been selected for immigration. But the most important document is Passport, if you are not holding a valid passport; Also, if you need the passports quickly, then you can apply via Tatkal and will have to pay and extra Rs. 2000 for each visa. Please apply today!!!
  • Post-Landing Certificates: These are certificates that you will need to show to the Canada immigration authorities after you have landed. They include a medical certificate as well as a police clearance certificate. The cost of getting a medical certificate is 250 CAD per person. For the police certificate, the cost will vary according to quantity of paperwork required.
  • Right of Permanent Residency Costs: Remember that your PR visa is only valid for up to 3 years and after than you will either need to renew it or apply for a PR right. This official document can be got for about 490 CAD.

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